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What Can Loko Do?  Well... Any Option

that bolted-on or needed to be built-in gets faster, easier and far less expensive to buy AND service. Racks and motors "click on/off" to become instant and temporary. Our Mission is simple: to help ordinary bikes do the extraordinary.

Even basic bikes can cover 3x more ground and carry 3x more. Tandems get great solo or carry the family. Almost any bike can become a Cargo-Bike, E-Bike or Motor-Bike without tools after a simple setup... at half the normal costs.

MOTORS by Honda, Subaru, Lehr-propane and Currie/Unite-electric used by millions, click on/off instantly from any bike that can hold a rack and many bike's mid-frame area. Premium all-in-one kits (like OptiBike SIMBB) are being adapted so any feature on $4,000-8,000+ Bosch/Shimano mid-drive ebikes can "click-on" for 50-75% less cost. 

Why Loko Makes Biking Better AND Safer

Loko makes bikes more likely to be used with stronger locks, spare tires, road tools and safety gear riders of similar bikes blog about. We feel in love after our bikes got bigger, better, faster and more capable as:

  • a Cargo-Bike that fits small rooms or public transportation, using options by Xtracycle® and other long-tail bikes.
  • an eBike that's quiet, clean and far less expensive with 25-50 mile range, 20+mph that adapts to any bike, easily. 
  • a Motor-Bike getting 150+mpg and up to 30 mph. Add or remove motors without tools or ever changing that bike.

Articles confirm it: Cargo-Bikers and eBikers ride 3-5x more frequently; farther on each ride. As lifelong cyclists, we noticed our own riding shift with seasons, age, health, geography, even mood. Loko let us take a more popular route and escape cars more easily. It let us go more places, do more and ride more often. Stats say, more bikes and more of them used, increases bike-awareness - we bike safer as riding gets easier. We're more likely to ride, not drive. More riding means more bike-infrastructure and bike-friendly commerce as more of us find bikes... more useful.

More Bike Options = More Bike Adventures  

Loko Racks fit 20"-29" wheel bikes by replacing rear axel-nuts or skewer. Our rack and motor mounts are capable of multiple positions, giving bikes the most efficient drive option when any motor is needed or wanted. Think you'd NEVER want a motor - consider 4X4 trucks - having options is handy. Bikes get more useful as electric or (quiet and clean) gas powered. They're fun to ride, race or haul stuff around, and now a $20-60 mount gives you more powerful options.



 Who Makes Loko, Where and Why

We're a passionate group of machinists, industrial designers and developers. Most of us go back 20-30 years and were frustrated to see the race to export jobs and quality by producing bikes for big-box stores as others overpaid for nothing very useful. Put simply -- we wanted to empower bikes and the people who use them. We offer local machine shops a unique way to cover much of their daily expenses with regular production work done after hours, automatically. It took a lot more time to design Loko Products but we think it's worth the effort, and hope you agree.

We make as many of our parts locally as possible. We assemble where most of grew up in Albuquerque NM and enjoy knowing our vendors and their families while contributing to developing regions wherever and whenever possible. We think that's better for quality, for our kids, and maybe even for karma.