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LOKO IS ALMOST CRAZY -- part bike rack, part ebike, part motorbike platform - all better designed to give you MORE OPTIONS, INSTANTLY. Long-tail bike options by XtraCycle, Yuba, Trek and others easily fit onto Loko racks. Attach popular bags, baskets, decks, child seats, even pet-carriers. Our modularity lets accessories adapt and more Loko Options are coming - see our upcoming products on the COMING SOON and BIKES pages.

Is it CRAZY to spend $3,500-$4,500 on Cargo-Bikes, Folding eBikes or MotorBikes if Loko gives you 2-3X the options for 4-5X less money?  It is now. Large Loko Rack gives you over 75% long-tail bike performance for 75% less cost. Our $200 tandems off Craig's List ($400-800 on our BIKES page) provided triple the biking and motoring options of most any electric cargo-bike, motor-scooter or folding eBike.  Now you know - watch our videos.

IT'S A GREAT CAR ALTERNATIVE - add Loko Bike Rack or Instant Motor Kits to create your own platform, that carries 100+ lbs or goes 20-30 mph. Unless you always (or only) want or need a one dimensional bike, Loko is a better. It's a far less costly way to add more options to all of your biking.

3 Ways to Win Loko Powered Dream Bikes, Mounts, and Motor-Kits: 

1) Order Here or on IndieGoGo, or  2) Share on FB and social media, or 3) Vote your fave bike on this site. That's it. Prize details on FB. Any purchase, Share or Vote counts. TOP PRIZE is your choice both US-Built: Ruff Porucho, a BoardTrack-Racer with Loko mid-mounts and quick-detaching 212cc race-motor OR S&M BMX with TailWind and GoPed 46cc -- each capable of 50mph+ offroad -- each come with 36V/750W electric for street use -- each custom paint by #1 nm star tattoo artist. If 3,000 orders reached, top 3 winners get airfare to ABQ NM to tour Rte-66 to grand ganyon - 5-days by motor-bike. Every 10th order wins a prize -- 2nd and 3rd prizes are bikes voted as the fave bikes by all who share and support this crazy campaign.