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"World's Fastest eBikes/MotorBikes?" Yes - now what. See below. 1 in 5 WIN a FREE Motor or Mounts for helping us pick which Concept Bike to build next, after #7. Vote by Sharing to win, or just order $20-60 Mounts to build your own. Wait for IndieGoGo or pre-order on COMING SOON for 150% Satisfaction and a Better Than Risk-Free Guarantee. Can't wait?  Order Loko Combo ($389) Share on FB then get free motor (first 500) then every 5th order wins one. 

Loko Motor-Bikes debut at InterBike. Our Ruff Porucho is fun to customize, goes 40+mph on $99 electric or gas motors easily drag raced or replaced. Seconds later, pedal to the pub without a motor or using any tools. Sober up then "click-on" racks for any grocery run and swap to electric ($250-500) or a quiet 49cc 4-stroke so it's street-legal again. Google our #7 bike, compared to $5,000 Phantom, Sportsman (gas) or Cruz and Motorman eBikes. We'll set Guiness Records as "World's Fastest Converting eBike/MotorBikes" and we proved it. We'll shatter this one too (CLICK HERE) on bikes costing 75% less, that switch to clean propane/gas motors instantly. RocketBike went 207+mph on the same track in France our co-founder learned to race Formula IV. Our new World Records benefit more typical bikes and bikers. 

We'll make bikes initially by partnering with quality brands with many Loko designs attached, and on IndieGogo this fall. Want bikes now - see RED AREAS or wait - we'll announce our next bike after #7. Vote by Sharing any bikes you like (or order Mounts to lock MSRP) with Red-Links below for 10-35% off on all Loko Bike Products. Orders are 150% guaranteed. We know Instant eBikes/Motorbikes will be huge, but can't decide whether to make more of our own bikes. Help us and we reward you by discounting Loko products up to 35%. You can have a Porucho, #7 Loko Bike below this September. Order $20-60 mounts to build your own, or make a deposit to decide later, and still save 10-35% on MSRP.


1) LOKO SUPER-MOTO - MSRP $799 - (compare to PK Ripper, Fit, GT, Haro) with 38cc motor, TailWind, optional mount ($60) or padded deck ($25) also uses a standard seatpost. All front brakes included, none shown. Arrives friction-drive and switches to chain-drive in minutes with basic tools. Unlike costly GoPed/scooters, a bike is street-legal, but TailWind fits all "those motors" too. So keep a helmet handy and keep 30-60+mph 2-stroke screamers at the track.  Want your own World Record? GoPed tuned motor + Crumpton/PROXL = roughly 23lbs. With 1 h.p. per 1.3lbs, it'll fly.

Pre-order $649: Complete bike ($400-450 MSRP models above), Loko Rack, TailWind Mount, 38cc gas motor, or a 36V/SLA 750W electric motorized system. You pay actual shipping - shipped wks after InterBike debut - Sept 25. Or just convert your bike using $20-60 mounts - we'll reduce that cost if you order. Order bikes to ship NOW at 35-65% off below - get 10-35% off Loko Products. Don't have much cash? Deposit $100 - we'll hold it, ship it, refund 100% on ship day or credit $150 for later; you keep our mounts. Think that's crazy - you should see houses we build (CLICK HERE).


Electric is silent and often faster; plus any parking lot and pile of cones gives you a private race-track. The only thing cheaper (or cleaner) is bumming rides... or the bus. We'll soon sponsor BMX SuperMoto racing (electric and gas) so kids lacking track or park access get as excited about bikes, as an iPad. It's easy to upgrade: light (5.5-7.5 lb) lithium packs make hot-rodding easy and inexpensive using common, well proven and fast (stand-up) scooter motor parts. We're tired of cheap BigBox products becoming trash in months. This is REAL quality. Not some temp-toy; it's a tool.

Can't decide? Any $20+ order locks MSRP; any $100 deposit locks a Pre-Sale and we ship both styles of Loko Rack mounts. Like Loko Bikes? Just Vote by sharing. Order Mounts or Deposit for bikes on COMING SOON page to help us build better bikes. We were asked not to show some brands, Loko Motor-Kits attached by potential partners for now. Google (compares to) brands to imagine. Deposits are 150% guaranted; pre-orders BETTER THAN RISK-FREE. Make a deposit, change your mind, we'll refund it. You can keep any shipped mounts. If we receive 100+ deposits we'll put those bike into production first and work with other brands to integrate even more Loko features we've yet to show.  Got questions? See FAQ on our OPTIONS page or contact us - we'll phone back or email you - just say what's best.


2) LOKO SUPER CRUISER - MSRP $999 - (compare to 3G and SE-Big Style) silver 38cc motor, TailWind and deck kit. Front brakes installed, not shown. TailWind arrives friction-drive and switches to chain-drive sprocket ($55) in minutes. Compare this comfy bike to any other. It motorizes in seconds or converts to eBike so it's far better to ride, repair or upgrade than a Pedago, at 50% off. Electric hauls 50+lbs of cargo; GoPed motors haul 50+mph of gas (racing, that is). It's up to you. Sneer at motorbikes if you want, but many ride 10,000+ happy mi/yr on these. 150+mpg saves 20x more carbon and cash than a Prius.

Pre-order $749: Single-speed bike ($400-500 MSRP models above), Loko Rack, TailWind Mount, 38cc gas motor, or a 36V lithium/750W (add $100) electric motor system. You pay actual shipping - shipped only wks after InterBike debut Sept 18. Beach cruisers are the most fun, functional, and comfortable bikes ever. Now they're fast, whenever you want it. 7-spds adds $100. 


Upgrades: XL racks ($85) and Xtracycle-type bags ($40) can haul 4+ bags of grocery, plus laundry. Loko Mid-Mount ($160) and Front Rack ($165) come in handy to haul cargo. Pop off racks to cruise back roads and put cafe/race bars on ($55) or power thru a NuVinci hub ($300) or gears ($100) to boardtrack in a parking lot. Other quick-release items are being refined. Above is Right-hand drive, requiring freewheel chainring ($160) and $60-120 shop time. Save that cost and $20 if you pre-order any RH-drive version.


3) THE URBAN ROCKET - MSRP $999 - (compare to BigShot and SE-Racing Fixies) Single-Speed Bike, Loko Mid-Drive and Lithium Battery pack. Smoke any hipster messenger. We gear it for 20mph but change that up and it's a 30+mph alley cat with iron lungs. Go 20+mph on closed courses only, of course. Motor/battery removes so no one will know. This bike is low-profit but important enough we'd make 1,000+ to spread the word: e-Bikes are cool (especially now that you can take all that sh*t off).

Pre-Order $849. Single-spds are fine on flats, but motors help on hills. Never let 'em see you sweat; at work or on any hot dates. Upgrade to a rear rack (skinny version $175 coming) or front rack ($165) to not need as much bloody oil. Build your own Rocket for about $650 if you know how to wrench. Upgrade: 3-spd ($150) helps you pedal and in cyclo-cross ($1049) it does-it-all. Bike comes stock LH drive with rear seatpost rack. We install frame batttery ($200) and right-hand drive/FW chainring like our FatBike ($300) if you want to power and pedal thru gears. Even twice MSRP, it smokes anything sub $3,500. Sorry hipsters, it has brakes.


WTF is...? That's a solar-charging bike bag, naturally. We set aside patents to co-develop a few eco-bags. This one has 2-3x the capacity of "solar motorized-wheels" shown to charge in 6-8 hrs but costs 50% less. At 9 lbs, it folds up, locks around bike, sounds the alarm as trackr texts you like other products. This shades and "cloaks" so thieves won't know - is this a $850 ebike or $8500. Top + 1 side get panels. 120W powers 25+mi in 3-4 hrs. Target price is $850. Ebikes may become known as, Free-bikes.


4) AIRPORT TRANSPORT - MSRP $999 - (compare to Dahon/Citizen). Bike goes bags to beast in a few beats. 450W shown as SideWinder with tube battery - two lithium cells can also be flown. Stock is 36V lithium or Lehr 25cc propane motor (gas is $75 less). Compare folding Loko to Brompton ebikes and $2,000-3,000 units on NYCEWheelsdotcom. For any commuter it's a game changer. Store in trunk - save $250-500/mo in gas, parking, and tickets. Park in the burbs, pass the traffic, no sweat. We haven't quite nailed Mid-drive with folding bikes but it's coming soon. Compare these to Ford's $4,000+ portable-eBikes (CLICK HERE).

Pre-order $849: Complete 7spd bike ($400-500 MSRP models above), Loko Rack, TailWind or SideWinder, 38cc gas motor or 36V/750W lithium (add $100) electric. Put a folding bike like this in your trunk (or dorm) and you won't believe how handy it is to get around any city or campus. Small, but it's fast. We carry these bikes traveling, at parks or events to cover way more ground.


Upgrades: Lehr propane motors can be flown, go on trains, ships or RV's with no smell or security issues, simply drain the oil. Some want gas and 38cc costs $75 less. $3 Coleman tanks are recycleable, go 40-50 miles at 20-30mpg from BigBox, auto or hardware stores. 1-lb tanks can be held anywhere on the Rack. Propane is 99% clean/greener and an 80+% conflict-free and domestic fuel. Folding bike bags ($30) and Pelican-like cases for motor/rack ($50) keep it contained and under wraps.asm-fat-tire-front-mt-elect-r1-rfv.jpg

 5) LOKO FAT-TRACKER - MSRP $1399 - (compare to Motobecane FB4) This FatBike will set new standards for off-road by enabling 25-49cc gas/propane motors for greater range without bent/cranks narrow frames need. Add a 48V/750W motor (like 8Fun Bafang but detachable) and quietly push Fattie over just about anything. Lend to your slower buddy, or punish that skinny fast kid. Add a Nuvinci hub ($300) and she'll be just about perfect. Add XL racks for fishing/hunting or 7-lb. folding solar panels. You can go weeks on this modern mule on less oats and no manure. 750W of power like (CLICK HERE) plus regular bike in seconds.

Pre-order $899: Complete bike ($700-800 MSRP models above) Loko Mid-Drive with 38cc gas motor a more powerful 48V lithium/750W mid-drive (add $150) motorized system for good times off-road and incredible climbing ability. You pay actual shipping - shipped week after InterBike debut - Sept 25. Find your own fattie by using Red Links below and use $60 (limited time) Loko Mid-Mounts - just specify bottom-brack width.


Comes stock with chromed colored 38cc motor with right hand drive or a 48V battery/750W motor. Lithium frame batteries are getting smaller and cheaper - why "lock into" outdating tech on all other bikes - Loko bikes easily upgrade now or later. We like backpack cells (like EgoKits) and shown on Bafang 8Fun video link above - our vids using Mid-Drive AFTER InterBike debut. 


 6) LOKO CARGO/TANDEM - MSRP $1749 - Like Madsen-bike but Loko gives you a tandem, too. Final bucket design likely to be IKEA-like for flat ship rates. Rear cranks and front rack ($165) detaches like rear rack/bucket. Recharges in 2-4 hrs on proven folding ($400-800) solar panels; locks when parked. Haul 200lbs at 20mph on free power or 30mph at 120+mpg?! Warning: ride it even 1 day/wk and any do-gooder in you will feel you, do good, having fun. It also pays for itself in months, unlike any car. We plan to bike tour again, donating many bikes/yr to developing regions on similar rigs -- think global, go Loko... join us?


Pre-order $1449: Complete Micargi or Pacific tandem, Loko XL rack, wood bucket w/ locking lid, 20" rear wheel with drum-brake. Compare to $3500-$4500 XtraCycle, Yuba/Hi-Power Cycles. We haven't decided which brand is best for this rig but VOTE for it, if you love green too. It's 100% buildable at this price with 48V/750W electric system or a 38cc motor, and it's important enough of a project if just 30+ people do a 30% deposit we'll build these and include both motors; just pay approx $200 in shipping. We haven't built a solar unit but plenty have. We'll use stock fold-panels and adapt (securely) to our buckets to shave costs, initially. We're co-developing solar for bike-bags (above) and panniers (on XL Super Cruiser) but we've built green before (CLICK HERE).


7) GATO LOKO - MSRP $2899 - Inspired by pre-1920's BoardTrack racers; goes like a crazy cat. Unlike boardtrackers (or cats) it's got brakes. Ride naked in Portland's famous event legally (and without a motor) or use an electric or 49cc motor so it can be motored most anywhere. Also fits 79cc-212cc Predator/Harbor Freight motors that click on/off without tools using Loko Mid-Drive. Limited-edition Ruff Poruchos painted by NM top tattoo artists on frame/fenders/tanks (add $300-900). 20% deposit on Porucho. Great to go slow, or faster than you should. It loads easily on any car alone to ride quiet back roads. Now anyone can learn.


Pre-Order $2599: in Matte Blk, Wht or bright Red, Monarch Springer Fork, Front Sturmey drum brake, 3" Street Hog II or BOA-G tires, double-butted rims/HD spokes, leather grips and springer seat; includes 49cc gas motor or 48V/750W electric system. Upgrades: NuVinci Hub ($300); Right-hand drive with FW chainring ($300); Lithium battery ($250); Bamboo tank ($350) holds batteries or fuel - stock is leather fork-bag for battery pack - tank right side opens and locks tight with discrete access. A wireless all-in-one unit removable unit (like OptiBike SIMBB) is (CLICK HERE) targeted under $2,000 for our Mid-Drive, Spring 2016.  

NEED A BIKE NOW - order $400+ bikes or parts thru redlinks below - we'll send you a *FREE Loko Bike Rack/Motor Mount; order $800+ and we include an electric or 37cc motor to use on Loko TailWind® or SideWinder®. Email any questions on which bike is "best," or motor mount/kit right for you. Beware of BigBox Bikes - they often have inferior parts and assembly, NOT suitable for motors. Check every bolt and bearing or it's not worth any initial savings. Try CraigsList and professionally service it. Check for frame/fork for cracks/wear, install or check for new-ish brake pads, cables, tubes, and tires. Good brakes are a must.

The-House.com - CLICK HERE - (great for BMX, Mountain Bikes, 35-50% on many bikes)

JensonUSA.com - CLICK HERE - (great for road-bikes, commuters, fixies and city bikes)

BikesDirect.com - CLICK HERE - (great Cruisers, Full-susp/Road Ti/Carbon at 35-65% off)

Bikes with (1,000+) votes or (100+) $100 deposits (reserve on Coming Soon page) get built first. Google: Porucho to see it customized. Now it's easy to motorize. Vote by Sharing at bottom of page or Loko Bike Racks FB page - say which bike, TailWind or Mid-Mount, style motor you like best. 1 in 5 WIN; up to 3 WINNERS GET THEIR FAVE OR $1,500 CASH for any bike. We'll ship up to 1,000 bikes at pre-order prices and any order or deposit guarantees MSRP plus 10-20% in discounts up to 3 years from now. At InterBike we race -- electric Vs gas. Guess exact top speeds - ANY BIKE YOU VOTE FOR IS YOURS.  Share, Vote, or Order $20-60 Mounts now to get $60-$250+ Loko discount, later.

VOTE, SHARE or ORDER AS YOUR ENTRY to the LOKO SUMMER CONTEST. Top Prize is USA-Built, custom Ruff Porucho; or S&M 22" Holmes with choice of Race-Motor or 48V/750W for street legal use. Top prize gets airfare and 2nd prize earn choice of bike IF we get 2,000 orders - at 3,000 orders 3rd bike and all top-3 winners get airfare within USA at 4,000. At 5,000 we'll include global airfare + 5 days cruising Rte-66 from Duke City ABQ to Sante Fe to Grand Canyon - top shelf, door-to-door, B&B experience. Bikes get trailered by chase crew. We ride in front safely, legendary roads. Watch our vids. 1 in 5 WIN A PRIZE - mounts or a motor up to 1,000 given away for helping us chose, WHAT'S NEXT. A $100 bike deposit buys 1 of each mount + $150 credit forever on bikes pre-ordered here or on IndieGoGo. 

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