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Motorized Solutions, coming soon to Loko

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World's Most Popular Transport is often underpowered.

Ever want to carry more, faster or easier by bike?  Us too.  The Loko Bike Rack fits most "standard" bikes and makes clean motors instant and temporary. 1 Billion bikes around the globe may just get... "better."

How can you use it?

  • Carry 4-6 bags of groceries + 40 lb bag of dog-food. Expand it, shrink it, add, remove or even switch between proven motors instantly to match your specific needs, terrain and bike purposes or fitness.
  • Use new locking boxes. Pannier any bag: even messengers or shopping bags.
  • Put it on, lock it up or remove in seconds -- you'll save MORE on gas money.

Motored or not, Initial set-up takes minutes with basic tools -- then it's On, Off or Locked-up without tools. Loko empowers bikers like never before.