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week #1 -- a 90-Day Dare -- 80% Bike, Bus, Walk / 20% car - Copenhagen Challenge

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Yesterday's post (below) started as a dare - 90-day, 80% Bike/Bus/Walk - 20% Copenhagen Challenge. I'll try to report once/week and apologize in advance as I work on format. I'll ride unassisted (no motor) whenever possible and for longer commutes, cargo-hauling, passengers, pets, riders or anytime I want to arrive fast (or less-sweaty) an ebike or 150mpg gas motor might also help. I'll review and show pics of many bikes built with Loko INSTANT Cargo-Racks and Motor Mounts to adapt ($200-400) GNG, Cyclone eBike kits.  Cost, Convenience or (dis)advantages of permanent built-in (Bosch) or semi-permanent bolted-on (Bafang) mid-drive or hub-drive systems will be noted. Lighter, cheaper, FOLDING SOLAR is a possible game-changer -- 20-28mph free/green-power to haul 100+lbs might be pretty cool too.  Let's see:

Morning yoga class and a business meeting that I planned at an adjacent/nearby (local, of course)
coffee shop to minimize needless miles and time traveling. Distance: about 3 miles round trip, with
a stop by a nearby bike shop for tubes and an extra light as backup, so I'm always visible on road.
A 20" smaller folding bike Dahon bike was easy bring into the studio and for short (<3-mile trips>.
To carry my laptop, samples (folding solar-panel) and yoga mat, I used a messenger bag, no rack.
Even though I carried only 10 lbs - it's "heavy" on bumps, misaligns the spine - panniers are better.

Afternoon trip was from home to hardware store (3-mi) and another meeting uptown, 5-mi away.
I took an older Gary Fischer hard tail MTB with rack and single pannier - easy-peasy, a pretty trip.

Evening trip to the market - carried an 8-pack of LaCroix, bread, produce, dairy items, 18-lbs I'd
say, overall. I could have easily doubled that with another Tuba/Mini-Mundo bags; with an eBike it
would've made that trip almost too easy-- I love to pedal, barely noticed that payload, didn't need a larger Loko Bike Rack, XtraCycle and Trek XL-bags or removable Rack System. Maybe for the ABQ Bike & Coffee picnic event this weekend…  a Cargo/Electric or even a quiet gas (150mpg) motor might come in handy. We'll see.

Upcoming trips: Laundry (dirty clothes, supplies) to nearby wash-mart. Bus-trip using panniers
on bike - removed into a bus and taking a 10-mile trip within a typical time-frame for business or
pleasure trip to several areas in every direction from my location very near town-central. I'll go to
the edge of town and beyond using motors both electric and gas - filming what I see. I've got to
make a dog-carrying rig for both my small maltese and maybe an bike and trailer for a labrador.
I've yet to ebike to a party or event (jacket req'd). I pedaled before but arrived late, hot, sweaty.

Observations: Glad my supportive girl friend challenged us to an "experiment" beyond our more
product-testing phase which had been "lab-focused," measuring destructive break limits or any fit
finish for a bike rider's ease of operation for any new product. I was curious to see how much or
how little, typical bikes can do daily, and long-term effects by increasing cargo-capacity or speed.
On mood - my level of anger/frustration doing biz by bike rather than increasing "inconveniences"
from riding a bike not driving, anger/frustrations went down. Fresh air, freedom, the sense that I
am actually doing something about things many care about (health, earth/resources, paying less
into the Oil-Wars or Wall Street machine) was satisfying; helping things get a bit better, not worse.

On May 09, 2016, at 07:01 AM, Bruce Ponder wrote:

Today marked the end of a first 80/20 wk: a bike/car ratio.
First, it was 20/80 then 30/70, new habits take new practice.
The goal of bike, bus or walking 80% of trips, then Uber or a
car the rest isn't easy, but most anyone can do a 20/80 ratio.
I've decided on a 90-day, 80+% car fast, and to blog weekly.

An instant eBike-Kit or 30mph motor-bike may help out.
No insurance, license or registration and solar-charges can
make Bloody oil "optional" for transporting. Imagine that !

I've got a few bikes to experiment with. I'll list my faves and

I've got to test my new folding solar panels on my eBike kit.

Seems CRAZY I'd not biked 80+% before but, I'm hooked.

The biggest hurdle so far has been habit. Once I get used
to a (maybe) 10-20% more time for longer (10-20+mi) trips
it may become like any routine. I can save over $8,000/yr
says AAA - what most spend on cars every year. If I started
earlier, saved, that's $1-2 Million at age 65 says AARP. I'll
list calculations that include car sharing or other factors later.

If someone starts this simple habit at age 20, doesn't give in
to cars, or buys into Madison Ave BS, Banksters or Big Oil,
it means retiring early, exploring, choosing better work now.

Just half - bike 50% of trips - means tons of extra cash!

Millennials will need that cash. They already get it: a BMW

or Big New Truck is often insecurity, selfishness, bad status.

Tons of people are doing this, so maybe I'll sell my cars?!
Seriously, I'm in just as much "hurry" as anyone else with a
growing startup business, and everything else but really, it's
just a habit. Biking is fast, more fun, and with planning gets

as functional as a car, 80% of the time. Keep you posted.