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Products below are being refined for release. What's crazy is, this all could've happened 50 yrs ago. But oil was cheap - we didn't know any better. Today, we bloody well do. We think bikes can do more, for more of us. It might make a better world but it definitely makes more fun. Enjoy it.

Loko OPTIONS shown here have already been used on Cargo-Bikes both manual, electric, and on motor-bikes. Loko Bike Parts quick-release to gain ease of use, adaptability and lower costs so commodity parts more easily adapt to expensive bikes, and so basic bikes get used more... not trashed. 

BIKES for deposit are concepts designed by Loko. Some are ground up designs and most will begin on existing brands -- our mounts and unique features added. A $100+ deposit lets you participate in building more useful bikes that are often more fun (and functional) than several of our own $4,000+ carbon, titanium bikes. No spandex, no peloton but 20-30mph easily, instantly. Like Loko BIKES?  SHARE FBook/social media links below to enter for prizes:

3 Ways to Win Loko Motor-Bikes, Mounts, and Motor-Kits this summer: 

1) Order Here or on IndieGoGo, or  2) Share on FB and social media, or 3) Vote your fave bikes here or FB. That's it. Prize details on BIKES page. Any purchase, Share or Vote counts.