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Q: Why is Loko important to cycling - how can it make my cycling even safer?

A: Sometimes we need bikes to go faster, further more easily. You may have friends or family who ride constantly then get cancer, recover from an accident or just need a boost. Loko lets you carry tools, locks or visibility items many leave at home. Motors help go with traffic, go more places with more gear and goods. Stats say you're 3-5x more likely to use this kind of bike more regularly. Pedal for exercise and shut it off or take it off easily, whenever you want. Loko lets you drive less and ride a far more capable bike that also looks and rides like any normal bike. That's a good thing.

Q: 60mph legal MotorBikes/eBikes? How's THAT legal in any country or state?

A: Most 30mph+ motorBikes are illegal gross-polluters various EPA plan to outlaw, that cops love to impound, and are illegal already in China/India. eBikes are illegal in areas. Only Loko lets you pedal legally anywhere, go 12-20mph on electric, 20-30mph on gas or where allowed 30-50+mph off-road/racing. Kits are now being adapted to comply with nearly every pedal-assist, electric and moped laws worldwide. You can chose "the best" motor, instantly. Motor to malls, skateparks, then take it off to ride or swap to race mode in minutes. Only Loko gives you a motorbike, an eBike and pedal bike without the time, tools and trouble of bolted-on kits and built-In motors; half the cost, triple the options.

Q: Will my Loko Bike Rack and Tail-Wind Combo Kit look exactly as it's shown?

A: No, it will be better. Shown are limited-edition prototypes not in full production. Your unit will function and look 98% as shown but will be more refined. There are locking pins/screws and an alternate top-mount that adds 10-15 seconds, but may be required for consumer products usable by all ages. Adult supervision is suggested with any motorized product. The throttle assembly will have the killswitch attached and will also look more refined, as will the wiring clips attaching to your bike's frame. Any reduced promo-price buyer accepts design adaptations. Wood deck may be HDPE, depending on volume and easily swapped or covered with custom pads ($35). You'll be proud to put Loko Mounts or Bike Product on your favorite bikes - and any bike pre-order with a deposit carries a 150% satisfaction guarantee. If you change your mind, we'll apply 150% credit (one time) before shipped up to $200, on Instant racks, mounts or complete bikes. Order "changers" may be subject to losing buddy-passes, prizes or life-time discount/rebates given to the first 5,000 orders.

Q: What's Loko Rack weigh as shown - how's it handle - electric heavier/lighter?

A: Rack + Motor + Mounts = 12.8 lbs. It's barely noticeable until you pedal hard unassisted and push side-to-side, as in hill climbs. Loko Products were designed for, and by, cyclists. They're light as possible and built to last. Electric systems we've built and tested are similar with Lithium; battery types and desired range affects cost and weight. Loko Rack is slightly heavier than typical racks but far more durable, adaptable, and it removes instantly, unless it's locked onto it. Anywhere, anytime, your bikes can be both street-legal then instantly a 20-50mph racing machine. That's Loko !!!

Q: How long does chain-drive take to setup - why not show Loko at faster speeds?

A: Chain-drive conversion takes about 15 minutes with simple tools. We'll post videos showing how simple that is. Legal speeds on city-streets from quiet motors keeps you out of jail, safe and at peace with neighbors. Others may post vids to our FaceBook page but we'll remove illegal speeds or activities. We cannot endorse or recommend race speeds on city streets or public highways. A "scooter/moped-endorsement" is available in many states, and by issuing a VIN so faster speeds and motors on bikes can also be used on public roads. Pursue only legal uses of any motorized product, Loko or otherwise. Loko is the fastest (and 100% legal) eBike/MotorBike in the World. 

Q: Can I ride passengers with motor attached - what about frame warranty issues?

A: Most bicycles aren't meant to be ridden two-up, with passengers. If you need this buy a tandem or a motorcycle. We make a Heavy-Duty version with solid-bars, not tubes to allow passengers and heavier cargo up to 200 lbs. Heavy cargo or passengers requires skill, strength and good brakes. DO NOT RIDE PASSENGERS WITH A MOTOR ATTACHED TO LOKO BIKE RACKS OR LOKO MID-MOUNT  SYSTEM ON ANY BIKES UNLESS SO DESIGNED (AS IN TANDEMS). We can't cover $5,000 bikes with our $500 product. We suggest everyone own a town/pub bike for errands and events or where a theft is more likely. Loko helps you carry better locks, on $100 bikes or $10,000, it lets you ride to more places.

Q: Will mounts fit my wheels, my fat-bike, seatpost and brand new thru-axles?

A: Fat bikes - yes but not until Winter 2015 - specify rear drop-out width. Thru-Axles - not until Spring/Summer 2016. We support as many axle designs, widths and types as possible - still over 90% of all bikes made. We've sketched and modeled mounting designs we've not yet built and feel confident there are few bike axles of types made we cannot support with an instant motorized platform from Loko Bike Rack or our Mid-Mount System. This includes recumbant bikes, trikes and other unusual bikes. We'll support the full spectrum of seatposts. Some (like on folding bikes) are XL size and may require an additional adapter or mount ($20-40). A lowered or raised rack position can be customized by rider preference with optional mounting arms ($30-45) to customize your rack.