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  • Compare to Bafang or Bosch bolt-on system - Loko is 50-75% less cost; upgradeable to Gates® belt-drive that slips off, Spring 2016. Currie/Unite motors provide 450-750W with any 36-48V lithium battery. Premium kits (EcoSpeed eGoKits) can also quick-release or lock on. Shown "front-position," to accommodate various battery positions some installs require. Great for Mixtie/combo bikes, Step-Over/ladies designs, and Mountain bikes. Fat-Bikes can be powerfully propelled by electric AND gas. It's best to blend, and not bind, bikes to motors.
  • Compare to Phantom Bikes, Sportsman Flyer or Derringer Cycles. Loko delivers half the cost, twice the options for performance in motorbiking, ebiking AND you still get a regular bike. Lehr 1.2hp propane tank (shown on a 3G bike concept) secures storage. Loko mounts "tilt" to accommodate various frames or motors and fits most bottom-brackets. Lower mount ($80) attaches upper mounts and drives left side ($80) rear sprocket or right side front (upper portion $160) chainring. Both drive-types L or R, get fully supported by this unique and patents-pending docking system.
  • Loko mounts let racks and motors click on/off, swap easily, and far more affordably. Honda gx35/Huashang 37cc concept bike shown on a 3G cruiser. This system allows chain drive to typical left-side sprockets AND also right-side, using well proven freewheeling (dual) chainrings. This bike shown on our videos, on display: InterBike, EuroBike, and upcoming Press Events.
  • Compare to $5,000 Cruz Vintage eBikes. All-in-one system contains battery, motor, controller like OptiBike/SIMBB® but entire system can click-on, or lock into place. You can have similarly timeless bikes at half cost AND have a quiet gas or propane motor when needed. We (may) partner with US-based Premium eBike maker for this option. It adjusts to bikes that have 11" between top of chainring and top-tube. Expected date, Spring 2016.

Loko Mid-Drive lets Electric, propane or gas motors to "click" on/off, affordably.


Product Description

Ever want a faster bike? Loko gives you powerful options. 

*LOKO MID-DRIVE® powers electric thru gears for 50-75% less than bolt-on BaFang or Bosch systems, and adds gas or propane options. Systems by EcoSpeed, GNG or EgoKits can now also quick release. COMING 2016 is Power-Pod® an all-in-one OptiBike SIMBB-type. Upper half locks up or removes so theft isn't as likely. Motor repairs occur, you keep the bike. 

Dealer Inquiries Welcome. Press Events and Video, soon. Previous buyers of Loko, get first-in-line priority on these.

Loko docking system is best installed at bike shops. Attn: bike-builders - we'll make 10,000 (MSRP $80) Upper-portion is $80-160, depends on motor type. Contact us ASAP. Imagine the hottest custom cruisers with quiet motors: gas or electric. Bikes look and pedal like "normal" then clean, quiet motors click on, and bikes zoom off at 20-30mph in seconds. 

8-WAYS A LOKO MOUNT BEATS ANY EBIKE: 1) costs 50-75% less, 2) it's upgradable - battery, motor or controller, 3) works on your favorite bike, 4) can be swapped - another bike or motor, 5) you can still ride as motor-parts get repaired, 6) you don't have to ship the whole bike for repairs - very few shops repair them, 7) no more need to haul heavy, valuable bikes or parts easily stolen, 8) you can start cheap with an SLA battery, upgrade to lithium, or add gas motors if wanted but unlike scooters  or mopeds, efficiently pedal when wanted.


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