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Cargo or Ebike on ANY Bike... Instantly ?!

Loko co-founder, Bruce interviewed at 1st annual CiQlovia ABQ, explaining how Loko Bike Products easily quick-release and why modularity makes them THE most versatile bike cargo and motor-biking systems ever.

It LOCKS ON, adds or removes in seconds. Loko Mid-Mounts add power thru the gears.

Motorizes ANY Bike in 20-seconds, no tools?

Bruce shows how Loko connects bikes to the most well proven bike-motors (electric, propane or gas) without any tools, time or trouble; why it's half cost and triple the option of $1k Bafang bolted-on units or $3k Bosch ebike-frames. It locks on to deter thefts but parts remove to eliminate theft entirely. You can ride more powerful bikes to more places.

Chain-drive works the same with SRAM or Connex quick-links, in seconds, no tools. 


The World's Fastest eBikes & MotorBikes

Not that rocket-bike or a V8 you can pedal; real bikes helping real people go faster than ever before. The Best of Loko is coming - vids of riding, racing, and crazy stuff it lets you do. ENTER clips on Loko Bike Racks FB page. Mid-Mount System debut at InterBike.

Yes, it fits 50+mph GoPed-style race motors.

Kickstarter Concepts

The original vision of Loko Bike Rack is explored, a quick-releasing universal fitting modular rack makes options instant, easy, and MUCH cheaper to use.

Kickstarter Update #1

Loko refines more options, accessory, and materials. Rack goes from welded to modular; O-mounts were later developed for bags and cargo fully by Ortlieb.

Kickstarter Update #2

Prototypes tested for Cargo in Africa. Welded racks get replaced by modular parts easier to assemble in USA, and instant motorization is then realized, refined and expanded to mid-drive.