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The first 500 who SHARE our FaceBook vids and order TailWind/Loko-Combo ($389) receive a FREE motor, then every 5th order up to 1,000 total FREE. Get 150-200mpg at 20-30mph with this 38cc (suppiies limited - order now). Free motors sent USA only, shipped this fall. EU, Canadian and South American orders ship this December. Until we expand distribution, use TailWind with motors easily found online or locally, and around your needs and local laws.

TailWind can fit nearly any horizontal shaft 25-49cc 4-stroke (and GoPed/Zenoa/Tanaka race motors) and widely available electric motors found on YouTube running 36V/48V standup-scooters and ebike non-hub/spoke motors. We provide sales support for motors given away, and you can buy or have repairs made, at most any small engine shop. Online and in most areas they can be bought for $89-130. Racing 30-60mph motors are meant for the track but they're easily available and fit Loko TailWind. After our InterBike debut, we'll offer electric and propane kits similarly priced.

Partner links below compensate us so discount/rebates of 10-20% apply to Loko, when you order Motors thru links below. Each kit has all mounting hardware and simple instructions - taking just minutes out of the box to use. Chain-drive requires: 1) a commonly available retrofit hub-clamp sprocket, 2) flip/flop fixie hub with free-wheel adapter, or 3) a custom hub w/ left-hand threads. A poly-urethane friction version is coming and adapt to Loko TailWind - quieter and better for some applications. Chain-drive isn't necessary for most applications and friction-drive is suprisingly powerful. It's perfect for most "I gotta be 5-10x farther or 2-3x faster than I normally ride" situations. Just pop it on, and GO !!!    

(CLICK HERE) for 38cc and 49cc Huashang famous maker "clones"

(CLICK HERE) for genuine Honda or Subaru motors.

(CLICK HERE) for GoPed Racing 2-stroke Motors and Zenoa "clones"


 5 DIRTY SECRETS about eBikes and MotorBikes: 1) they're 50% more profitable to sell than regular bikes, 2) ridden 3-5x more on average than non-motorized 3) bikes become a pain - 3x more likely to need and more costly service after motor is bolted on, 4) everyone loves riding it some times; few like to service it... if ever, 5) Loko solves all of this. 

Ebikes and motorbikes were ugly ducklings. Now they're red hot. Why? 2-strokes most consider too noisy, dirty and best for hobbyists. Ebiking meant cheapos at BigBox stores or a few shops selling online so repairs are a weeks long ordeal. Loko mounts attach inexpensive well proven motors using mounts based around your biking or budget. Most any bike or stand-up scooter motors fit. Electric is our fave. 150+mpg at 20-30mph under $500 on 1 Bilion bikes = less bloody oil. 


--------------- THIS SECTION UNDER CONSTRUCTION -------------