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We patented two types of quick-release mounts: Tail-Wind is a Rear-Mount attaching and locking underneath Loko Rack, using special seatclamp, nuts or skewer anyone can install in minutes. Loko Mid-Drive (shown at InterBike in Sept) is best installed by bike-shops or bike mechanics. Both act as a docking platform to quickly attach or detach without any tools: electric, propane and gas motors already proven on bikes and Go-Ped-style standup commuting (and racing) scooters. Electric by EcoSpeed, EgoKits, GNG and soon OptiBike SIMBB-type (all-in-one unit) can quick-release, gaining big advantages over built-in and bolted-on systems.

Remember when bikes and motors were always combined - all bound together. Why?  It's a problem for any repair or anytime you want something different. Now for under $500, bikes can instantly and legally go 20-40 miles at 18-20mph on $.08 electricity or 20-30mph and 150-200mpg on gas - no tools req'd. Compared to any kit, even $3,000 Bosch/Shimano built-in units and bolted on $1,000 BaFang kits, Loko is far less costly to buy, service and supports other motors. Germany bought 500k eBikes last year.  They get it - ebikes are great - just expensive and repairs suck. Your bike is stuck weeks at some shop; most shipped off for repairs. Gas gives a greater range if you know how to bolt-on a quiet motor but service is up to you. Loko lets you keep on riding; ebikes don't sit, motorbikes become cleaner, quieter and bikes don't become trash. Motors quick release like any accessory so you get quick options to commute, haul cargo or cruise fast when you want to ride, not drive. Loko allows more of us to more affordably go farther, faster and easier, no sweat; riding a safer, more capable and affordable bike to even more adventures.

HOW TO GO LOKO: 1) ORDER A RACK, 2) ORDER A MOTOR MOUNT, 3) PUT ON ANY BIKE. First 500 TailWind Combo-Orders include a FREE motor - then every 5th "combo" wins a FREE 38cc gas motor. Didn't win? Local or online motors are just $100-150. Racing motors (30-60mph at the track) are $100-400. Similarly priced electric and propane TailWind kits, and complete Loko enabled Bikes with mounts installed, will be available after InterBike debut Sept 12-18.

PRE-ORDER *NEW MOUNTS BELOW or PLEDGE on IndieGoGo this Summer. 3-WAYS TO WIN: Order, Vote on Bikes or Share. Mounts install in minutes. Combine Loko Rack with TailWind® or SideWinder® kits to SAVE 20% on total (limited-offer) and any $20-60 Mount order reserves pricing for up to 3 yrs.

READ: 8-Reason Loko is Better than eBikes, MotorBikes and most Scooters in MOUNT descriptions --  it's actually much better. We love Cargo-bikes but an 8ft long, 80+lb bike isn't practical for many and electric can't cover many areas. Loko gives you more alternatives. Increasing speed and weight can increase risk of serious injury or death. It can also help you avoid accidents by staying at traffic speeds, accelerate faster to avoid objects, and after stopping more fully at stop signs. Service bikes regularly, ride solo and install front brakes before installing a motor or cargo rack. Obey road and trail signs, all local laws, and just be polite. People may not hear or see you, so slow down earlier and remember to wave as you pass cars stuck in traffic, pedestrians or cyclists pedaling slower than you, assisted by Loko.