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ENTER LOKO CONTEST. Like or Share on FaceBook or SMedia links below. We'll give away 1,000+ motors. Vote by Sharing. The first 500 who SHARE our FB vids and order TailWind with Loko Rack ($389) receive a FREE 38cc gas motor, then every 5th order up to 1,000 total. It gets 150+mpg, and goes 20-25mph unassisted or you can pedal along. Just pay shipping. Supplies are Limited - Reserve Yours Now. The first 10,000 orders are entered for other prizes and Lifetime-Discounts. 

HOW TO GO LOKO: 1) ORDER A RACK, 2) ORDER A MOTOR MOUNT, 3) PUT ON ANY BIKE. First 500 TailWind Combo-Orders includes a FREE motor - then every 5th "combo" wins a FREE 38cc gas motor. Didn't win? Local or online motors are just $100-150. Racing motors (30-60mph at the track) are $100-400. Similarly priced electric and propane TailWind kits, and complete Loko enabled Bikes with mounts installed, will be available after InterBike debut Sept 12-18.

Loko isn't just a rack, it's a system. Options become instant, inexpensive and easier. Bikes become a Cargo-bike, eBike or Moto for 50-75% less cost. Click it off to ride your regular bike or click it on for whatever you need, whenever you want.  It's almost crazy to spend $3,500-$4,500 on Cargo-Bikes or MotorBikes when Loko delivers 2-3X the options for 4-5X less money. Over 75% what any long-tail bike does can be done on regular bikes for 75% less cost - any $200 tandem off Craig'sList  ($400-800 on BIKES page) provides over 300% more cargo and motoring options. Now you know. Cars cost on average $8,000+/year to own, says AAA. Loko gives you fun, low cost alternatives. Create your own platform to carry 100-200 lbs and easily go 20-30 mph.  OPTIONS let you see what will ship this fall. COMING SOON are more options and BIKES. It's almost crazy what any bike can do now, with Loko.